Our Location

Although the vineyards are both in the Central Ranges of New South Wales they differ markedly in their terroir.

Rockley has one of the coolest climates in Australia. That, together with its deep volcanic basalt soils, results in wines of distinctive cool climate style. At Mudgee, the warmer climate and variable soils under laid with limestone produce wines with subtle nuances and warmth.

The winery, built in 2009, is located at Mudgee where the grapes are treated with the individuality that they deserve.

Single vineyard wines such as those produced by Bunnamagoo Estate Wines are subject to vagaries of season and accordingly each vintage has its own character.

Each vintage is pondered and the vigneron’s and the winemaker’s personal responses are discussed while the grapes are still on the vine. Skilful and attentive winemaking ensures that the promise of each vintage can be fully realized.

The procedure is as far as possible from factory methods with each decision from the timing of harvest to the time of release being made with a view to ensuring the integrity of the wine.

Our grapes are treated with the individuality that they deserve

Quality Wine

Those with the patience to allow our premium range time to develop in the cellar will be rewarded.

Occasionally, our cellardoor has special releases of such wines from the Bunnamagoo Museumcellars, which sell out very quickly.

Over the last decade, Bunnamagoo expanded its ranges of wines to target a number of different markets.

All ranges are made at the Bunnamagoo winery and each offers their own Bunnamagoo standard of generosity and value.

Each wine offers it's own Bunnamagoo standard of generosity and value